12 angry men (argumentative essay)

Hello there,
I want to write an argumentative assay.
The essay is going to be about humans who are afraid of change.
Please, use third person.
I want you to include twelve angry men (movie) as an example.

Fears to Accept Change.
Humans are afraid of change and this needs to change.
– Example, Quote. (It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin.)
– Little bit of background (define change how humans afraid of change.
– Acknowledge other side (humans actually embrace change and are not afraid of it).
– Road map.

1st. Body:
Show that Humans are afraid of change (main argument).
Example: 12 angry men (example of how people don’t follow the critical-thinking jury).
Another example: Religion.
More example: Racism.

2nd. Body
Show that Humans are not afraid of change.
Example, Gays.
Another examples: Car, airplane, train, etc. (Evolution). Technology.
3rd. Body.
Replay on those people who are not afraid of change.
Example: Those changes previously exposed took time and were not readily embraced at first.
Other examples of change fear.
Few people produce change, the rest just follows the wave.
Other article.

*This fear is human and natural. It has affected the rate at which civilization develops, but it also protect us from bad stuff.
*Find solution.

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