Research Design

Research Design
a. Sampling Technique
Briefly describe the sampling technique you have used (don’t just give a general description; describe it as YOU have used it).
b. Data Collection Method
Describe how you collected the data for this study (e.g., face-to-face, telephone, mail, web-based), why you selected this method, and changes you would make if you had more time/money. Identify any limitations to your selected method.
c. Measurement
In this section, specify the kinds of information you needed to address the research objectives of this study. Attach a copy of the questionnaire and cover letter (if applicable) in an appendix.
d. Analysis Procedures
Briefly describe the analytic procedures you used, the statistical package, and any coding procedures that may be important (e.g.: coding open-ended questions). Do not present any research findings here.

Please use the sources that we will provide with: the sources are the power points slides+ the survey+ the research proposal+ the book( ill send you the name of the book and please search for it to get info’s from ) you can find info’s in the power point that are the same from the book the book name is : Gilbert A. Churchill, Tom J. Brown, and Tracy A. Suter (2010), “Basic Marketing Research”, 7th Edition, Thomson, South-Western.
please follow the instruction that are written step by step because thats a very long research and am doing only this part, and after you finish doing this part I will give it to them so they can add it to what they have done

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