1. What elements are there in this case that suggest a crisis situation? 2. What is the precipitating element?

Mr. Harry, 47, married and with 3 children, goes to his office looking for help for a job. He has been unemployed for seven months and is in a serious economic situation. In the process of the interview, Mr. Harry is giving information related to his family and at the moment he breaks into tears telling him that he is desperate and does not know what to do that he needs to get a job since his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. month. To top it all, the reform papers were lost and now he is without a medical plan. “I do not know what I’m going to do if my wife dies,” Sr. Harry tells him, “Please help me,” “my children can not remain orphans.” Answer the following questions: 3. What other circumstances contribute to the crisis? 4. Who is affected by the magnitude of this situation? Explain 5. Is there a risk factor that Sr. Harry will take his life? Explain 6. What possible action plan would you use to help Sr.Harry? Explain Instructions;

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