1. Discuss Jim Jones. How did he start his “ministry?” What did he call it and how did he attract members? Based on what you learned in the film and via your research, why did the group move to Guyana?

2. What happened in Guyana once the group moved there? Be sure to discuss the suicide drills. Why do you think Jim Jones practiced for group suicide? What happened in Guyana that caused everyone to “drink the Kool-Aid” for the last time?3. In Chapter 2 of your textbook, the concepts of self-esteem, unrealistic optimism, and defensive pessimism are discussed. Please discuss how each of these concepts might explain some aspect of the Guyana Tragedy from a social psychology perspective. For example, how does the concept of self-esteem relate to Jim Jones and his followers? Do the same for unrealistic optimism and defensive pessimism.Here is the link to the video:

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