At least 500 words total in length. Use your own word.

Please watch this video and answer the following questions point by point.

1. What were two specifically trained tasks for military dogs you saw featured in this video?

2. What makes a dog’s sense of smell so unique compared to that of a human according to the military dog trainer featured in the video (you may use his analogy to better explain the difference as well)?

3. What was the response to the concern about using these dogs in dangerous situations when they may or may not have an understanding of the risk and danger they’re being put into?

4. Do you feel military and police dogs have bonds with their handlers? Use one example from the video.

5. Was there anything particularly surprising or shocking about the use, training, or raising of dogs for military use? Please describe this and why it surprised you. Be sure to use a specific example from the video.

Please watch the following video on the Pet Partners organization and their work across the country and answer the following questions:

6. What makes Pet Partners a unique therapy animal organization? This has to do with the species they allow…what were some species you saw used in therapy work in this video?

7. What was the original name of the organization and why was it changed to Pet Partners (or why do they think this is a better fit for their mission)?

8. What are some of the benefits of using therapy animals as described by the professionals in the video? List one example of a recipient who appears to benefit, or something they say about the benefit to explain this as well.

9. What was the story of Jordan, the young girl in the video? How did a therapy dog help her health and recovery?

10. What are your thoughts on the use of therapy animals? Use an example from the video.

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