ZARA operations strategy / management

Zara has become a benchmark for speed and flexibility within the garment industry, able to outperform many of its competitors, delivering garments to its stores within fifteen days of being designed. Zara has been studied widely and there is a considerable body of publicly accessible information about the case including the enclosed documentations describing how Zara’s operations are managed specifically its product design, order administration, production distribution and retailing systems.

In discussing the topic of “Product and service development and Organisation” (Chapter 8 of the text book, Operations Strategy by Slack and Lewis) we established the idea that product and service development can be analysed as an operations strategy, and examined the resource implications of product/service development in terms of capacity, supply network, technology and organisation.

•Using the framework explored for the topic, analyse and map out Zara’s product design and development strategy and its resource and process implications.

•What do you find interesting, different or surprising about them?

•Explain how such strategy shapes the reasons behind Zara’s success

NOTE: the development strategy here is about the Product development

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