WSJUS Stock Exchange Individual Assignment 50 Points

Introduction to Capital Markets: This project introduces you to the results of daily stock market activity; and to increase your knowledge about the range and variety of data reported in the WSJ.

(10 points) Select two NASDAQ-traded stocks and two NYSE-traded stocks. Suggestion: Choose your stock by using companies that begin with the same letter as your last name. Track the activity of those 4 stocks for 5 days next week and construct a five-day stock chart with graph (can be done on, using the daily reported prices for the stocks.
Items to include:

the name of the stock
which index they are on – NASDAQ or NYSE
the closing price each day
the net change for the day, listed by date

(15 points) Review different articles in the “Money & Investing” section of the WSJ to see if there is an explanation for the changes that occurred during those five days and write a summary of the reasons they gave, for each article. You can also “search” the WSJ website to try to find explanations. Be sure to list “article links” for all articles found, or include copy of article.
If there aren’t any articles provided in WSJ – research the company website or other news sources and find an explanation.
Minimum 2 articles needed per stock (8 total at minimum)
Be sure to list your sources

(5 points) Research the NASDAQ and NYSE. In a paragraph summarize the similarities and differences between the two major marketplaces for trading stock.

(5 points) Based on your research, why do you think a company would choose one marketplace over the other location for listing its stock?

(15 points) Assume you invested $25,000 into the four picked stocks. Divide the investment into amounts of your choice, totaling $25,000.
List the following purchase:

How many shares in each of the four stocks you were able to purchase at the beginning date of this assignment.
Name of company
List price paid per share
Number of shares purchased
Total dollar amount invested
List the following sale:

Amount shares sold for with profit/loss
Selling price per share
Total dollar amount seen from sale of each four stocks
Total profit or loss amount realized
More than one spelling error will result in a minimum of 5 points lost.

Consider using spell check.

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