Writing Technical Descriptions

You work for BigGush, a company that manufactures air pumps. The company is about to release a new model of air pump, the Turboblaster. The engineering department has supplied you with the following facts about this manually-operated air pump. Using this information, write a technical description for a product specification. Follow the guidelines discussed in the textbook. You may need to add any details you think necessary. Additionally, include a brief text-description of the graphics that would accompany this technical description, and the reader will just have to imagine what the graphic would look like. For example, instead of including a picture of an “Exhalation Valve,” one could simply indicate in the text, here would appear a drawing of an exhalation valve with the following parts labeled.Although not required, you may want to add your own illustrations to the description.

An air pump is a machine that decreases the volume and increases the pressure of a quantity of air by mechanical means.
Air thus compressed possesses great potential energy, because when the external pressure is removed, the air expands rapidly.
The air pump consists of three main parts: barrel assembly, the plunger assembly, and hose.
It is compact, lightweight and portable.
The suggested retail price for the pump is $19.95.
A diaphragm, a leather washer, is secured to the lower end of the rod by two 1/4 inch nuts.
The manually operated air pump is designed for any kind of small, inflatable device.
It has a 60 psi (pounds per square inch) rating.
The rustproof, steel construction will ensure many years of useful service.
The brass, octagonal barrel cap allows access to the pump mechanism diaphragm. It is threaded to attach to the housing and has a 1/4 inch hole in its center to slide over the shaft. A 1/8 inch hole in the side of the cap allows air to enter the housing.
The barrel assembly consists of three subparts: the housing, a barrel cap, and a toe plate.
The operator clamps the hose nozzle onto the filler stem of an object to be inflated, stands on the toe plate, and pumps the plunger up and down to inflate the object. Inflatable objects of different sizes may require different size filler needles.
The housing is a hollow, 4 1/2 inch by 17 inch steel barrel. The top end is threaded to receive the barrel cap.
The 18 inch fabric covered, rubber hose screws into the barrel housing 1 inch above the base with an air-tight brass fitting.
A 6 inch wide by 1 inch high wood handle threads onto the top of the rod.
The pump is 18 inch high and is constructed of steel rubber hosing and brass fittings.
The plunger system fits into the housing and is secured by the barrel cap.
Welded to the bottom of the barrel housing is a 4 1/2 inch long toe plate base on which the operator stands during the operation of the pump’s plunger mechanism.
The plunger assembly consists of three parts: a rod, a handle, and a diaphragm.
The locking clamp nozzle is inserted into the hose end and is secured with a 1/8 inch metal band. A thumb chuck allows quick release for regular and high-pressure use.
The rod is a 1/4 inch by 16 1/2 inch threaded steel shaft.
As air is compressed, it is also heated.

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