Writer’s choice related to “personal experience and readings”

Relate any of your own observations and experiences with biological labs, field trips, or research internships to the practical, social, and interactional organization.
Consult to the reading belong in order to relate to personal experience.
Robert K. Merton “Science and the Social order”
Ian Mitroff “Norms and Counter-Norms in a select Group of the Apollo Moon Scientists”
Sir Karl Popper “Science:Conjecture and Refutations”
Imre Lakatos “Science and Pseudoscience”
Michael Polanyi “Tacit Knowledge: it’s Bearing on Some problems in Philosophy”
Jim Giles “The Trouble with Replication”
N.R. Hanson “Observation”
Emily Martin “The egg and the Sperm”
Rutgers News Release “Vatican-invited biologist denbunks the speedy sperm myth”
Bruno Latour “Visualization and Cognition”
Chales Goodwin “Professional Vision”
Steven Shapin “The invisible technician”
Naomi Oreske “Objectivity or heroism? on the invisibility of women in science”
Robert Merton “The matthew effect in science”
Margaret Rossiter “The matilda effect in science”

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