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As we all know, forums, wikis, blogs, and such social networking sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more make it possible for large numbers of people to communicate instantly to all parts of the world. Companies and organizations have begun to use these same tools for business and marketing purposes.


Select a company that you do business with or that you admire. Research and evaluate its use of social media channels. You must discuss at least two different social media channels. Address the following questions:

1. Identify the company and the type of business this company has. What is its core business?

2. Identify the social media channels you selected.

3. Briefly describe how this company uses these social media channels to market its services to customers.

4. Describe how the company uses these channels to solicit customer feedback and to handle customer complaints.

5. Describe whether and how this company’s use of social media influences your perception of the company.

6. Assume you are the manager in charge of customer support and service. What recommendations would you make for using these social media channels to provide better service to customers and to promote customer relationships?

When you have completed this assignment, please save and title your file Unit3_Case_yourlastname.

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