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Reading Log Details Document types: A reading response and a précis.
Document lengths: 150–200 words each (reading response), 100 words each (précis) Assignment value: Each reading log is worth 20 points.
writing your response
Each Reading Log entry should focus on the designated reading selections. Each entry should include two elements: a response and a précis.
In the top portion of each entry, provide a response to the work you examine. Each response should include the following features.
Title. Title your entry. Refer to the resource by name in the title.
Author’s name. Beneath the title, indicate the author’s name—or the authors’ names.
Response. What did you learn from the reading selections? How can you apply what you have learned? What value might this have in your profession?
writing your précis
In the bottom portion of each entry, provide a précis of the work you examine. Each précis should include the following features.
Citation. Provide a complete bibliography citation of the resource. Use APA format. For help with APA format, see the Purdue Online Writing Lab.
Keywords/key-phrases. Identify 4 to 6 key words or key phrases that frame the resource. Describe the focus, purpose, and content of the resource. Identify the focus and purpose of
the selection, including the core content presented in it.
hints and tips
Take the time to study each resource to which you respond. Read each resource at least twice before you attempt to write a précis of it. Multiple reads of each resource will build expertise with and respect for the author’s messages. Recommended tool: Microsoft Word

use this book : Cory Doctorow’s Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free,
page 139 -162 third law

you may find it online

make sure you format the paper similar to the example that I attached
see ( sample of a paper)

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