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this essay should be about the length of five paragraphs (500 – 600 words), it should answer the question and explain the answer in a way to let the teacher know that im fully understanding what globalization. there is a recorded voice for the teacher talking about globalization (11:09 min, there are others but not need but can be helpful) explaining what it is, this can be really helpful for this essay to let you know what we mean about globalization in our class so you can answer the question in a way to let the teacher know that i heard the recorded lecture and not just went online and searched it but i also dont mind adding things from a source other than the recorded lecture as long it will be the same perspective as what the teacher said. you can answer the question by giving examples, and explanation, but actually there is no specific instruction on answering it.

the question is: How are today’s globalization processes different from those of earlier eras? Why is it important for individuals to understand globalization trends?

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