write report of play

first play is by August Wilson—seven guitars,

Write 5 pages report that includes:

A) Brief Plot Summary (3 paragraphs) don’t write too much!!! Maximum 1 page
B) Short analysis of conflict (no more than ¾ page)
C) A director’s concept for a production you might direct of it. What role would the audience be? How would you express the concept in the staging? Transitions?
D) Your ideal cast and why?
E) Short Analysis of two major characters’ : Objective, Obstacle, and Stakes.
F) Ideas for 2 of the following: Sets, Lights, Costumes, Sound, Music.

second play is piano lesson by august wilson
Write one pages that includes:

Write no more one page how similarities or connections between the two plays will influence your directing and/or design choices for your play.

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