Write an 8-10-page, double-spaced, issue-based investigative paper on a specific social problem that affects the Asian American community.

The paper should include a minimum of five (5) foot-noted book sources outside of the course reading, interviews, and other research materials. You should also incorporate class materials (readings and lectures). All of the research material must be included in a bibliography.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Specificity in theme selected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make sure your research paper addresses a specific theme and is not overly general. (For example, “stereotypes of Asian Americans” is too broad and not specific enough. “The role of stereotypes in the Vincent Chin Murder” is specific and better).Analyze your sources and don’t just include them. Make sure you integrate and evaluate your sources. Don’t simply pull them from book reviews.Present counter arguments in your discussion. Are there alternative theories or perspectives presented? What are their limits?Include a conclusion. Inject your opinion and evaluation after doing the research to write the paper.Use in-text footnote citations such as (Lee, 25) or (Title, 25).Place a bibliography at the end.MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE GRADING RUBRIC IN THE PDF “GRADING RUBRIC”I ALSO UPLOAD THE TEXTBOOKS “Asian America chap x” and “Contemporary xxx”I need 5 outside citation and 3 from textbook. citationI uploaded a proposal, but the proposal is very general. Please make sure you follow the guide above and I need “Make sure your research paper addresses a specific theme and is not overly general.” PLEASE CHECK pdf “Professor’s response on my proposal”

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