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Adrienne Rich believes in a world where we all grow, and learn from each other. Observing the world through your own life experiences, and looking at the world through the eyes of others is true conscious living. What would our world be like with nothing, but dead headed zombies walking around? Our world and society would lack creativity falling into a path of dehumanization. Life would be robotic lacking communication of what our hearts truly have to say that make us all human. Not everybody can truly understand what it is to Awaken until the moment they realize their own dreams, and desires have been tainted with reality. An awakening can happen at anytime in an individuals is life but it happens when me begin our true path of soul searching. It the moment we seek inner knowledge to set as free we begin to realize how we all affect one another. Some people early in then lives seek the path to truth while others may die blissfully ignorant to the truth. The point is realizing the truth for what it means as the truth to your own salvation. None of us should come to realize that the complete truth lies within what others don’t know but rather the truth we have awakened ourselves to, and the conscious choices we make to deal with life.

Rich tells her life as she is slowly awakening to her own truths over a period of time. As she seeks satisfaction in her own life she also compares her life experiences with others. Other feminine writes as her seem to pose as guidance’s and mentors throughout her quest to awaken. The many struggles women go through become a major influence to her awakening as Rich compares her struggles to the spoken words of other female inspirational writers. Feministic views become a major influence on Rich’s poems, but she also expresses herself as an awakened individual stripped of her own feminism. She acknowledges her feminine identity while also realizing what it is to be a free person without her feminine identity. Rich becoming a fully awakened human detaching herself from society expectations is beautiful as acknowledges her own personal growth. Her entire essay and short poems are a pure time capsule of her spiritual quest of inner truth. Her voice speaks and continues to express through the words of every poem she creates. All of her pocus ace different, but alike in nature leading toward the same goal through learning.

Every poem that Rich develops marks an important mark leading her to acknowledge the truths of life. Every time period Rich experiences she examines that moment, and finds the key message to what it means to her. Rich then creates a poem symbolizing a message of truly, and tells her poems through a storyline. Not only are her messages symbolic to the lessons in life she overcomes the storyline itself is a message of life. Everyone has a story to tell, and in every story with time we grow, and learn. Rich’s main message is to express the importance of learning and growing. We all need time to grow, and only with time do we grow to our realization of life. Learning never stops growing, and Rich expresses that through her own timeline, as she grows telling messages through poems. Learning is the key to acknowledging true self-satisfaction becoming one within one’s self overtime.

Freire and Rich do share a common interest in learning, and growing as both authors messages are based on consciously awakening to truths. Of course how are we to just one day awakening to any truths without even knowing where to begin? It isn’t really about a beginning or an ending, but rather a growing concept through learning over a period of a lifetime. There will never really be a beginning or an ending unless you consider your literal birth and death. Actual true learning begins the day you are born, and ends when you die. Both Authors imply the importance of human growth and acknowledgment of inner truths. There is nothing to literally awaken to but rather enlighten your innermost troubles and acknowledge those troubles, as stepping stones for more growth. Knowing that the meaning of life is to be happy and sad is pure awakening to the truth of life. Nothing is perfect, and no one can live up to expectations of others. Awakening is about accepting everything life brings to the table and knowing every day is an opportunity to grow and learn.

Life is beautiful and we all come to the point when we are at our lowest but at those times we set ourselves to fight for a peace of mind that makes us happy inside. We all just want to know that we are safe, but in reality we are no matter what is going on. So what is it that makes us bed safe? It is the realization of the truth of reality and conscious of it. Most people look at situations in life as such a dualistic manner. People are constantly judging each other and fighting for their own beliefs rather than sharing thoughts with one another. What is the meaning of life if all it is a game in the name of sport? Even though life can be a battlefield at times, it only ends when you realize there is no one, but yourself you are fighting. We all have the choice to deal with situations in a conscious manner rather than disregarding the truth. Sometimes we have to choose to not participate in life as a game player, but rather as leader taking control of situations accounting for the truth. There are times where I feel like giving attitude to the rude woman in the drive through, but for all I know she could just be having a bad day. We all should choose the way we think, and lean to acknowledge life for what it is. After all if we all became consciously aware of one another we would have much happier lives thus rich in lifestyle.

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