Write a paragraph that describes the process you will undertake in collection of data for the study.

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instructions for week 7 Discussion! Week 7 Discussion Outline Instruments The reading assignment for this week covers factors to consider when selecting an instrument. You should understand the Method of measurement Is it direct? Or is it indirect? Direct measurement Objective measures e.g., height, wt. vital signs, O2 Sat. lab values, Demographic variables e.g., age, gender ethnicity, diagnosis marital status, income education. Indirect measurement Abstract concepts e.g., coping or anxiety Use your conceptual definition of the variable t and measurement will be about the indicators of the concept Example Quality of Life – Some indicators (Health, Education, Social functioning, Living conditions (housing transportation) Define these terms: Level of Measurement- Reliability and Validity Accuracy and Sensitivity -Scale Locating an Existing Instrument (sources for finding an instrument). There are numerous sources. One source is your own articles. I noticed that many of your articles named and described the Instrument used in that study. Use a bulleted list to name some sources the more you name the easier it will be to search. Review of Your Instrument Instrument title Description of the instrument Validity and reliability estimates, which have been performed on a pre-established measure. Level of Measurement. (important for selecting your test statistic later) Scale used in the selected instrument(s) Data Collection Procedures for your proposal (Chapter 20) . A definition of data collection provides an overview of what should be included in a data collection. Who will collect data? If research assistants, were they trained? How was data collected survey, scanable forms, self-administered? questionnaire etc. Include Ethical considerations regarding participant privacy. confidentiality and human rights and storage of data. Chapter 20 and chapter 9. Instructions for Week 7 Proposal Draft Week 7A2 Proposal WORKSHEET The examples are to illustrate how some students approach this content. Use your own ideas. Extraneous Variables define, name them in your study and your plan for how you will control for them. Control defined Design decisions made by the researcher to decrease the intrusion of the effects of the extraneous variables that could alter research findings and consequently force an incorrect conclusion. Extraneous Variables Example Extraneous variables are defined as Extraneous variable can be a concern for all studies, but they are a primary concern for correlational and intervention studies (Grove et al, 2017). Extraneous variables are either recognized or unrecognized as well as controlled or uncontrolled (Grove et al, 2017). The extraneous variable that can be associated with this study is related to inexperienced nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioner with 0-1-year experience may have a different perspective than a more experienced provider. To control for the extraneous variable, the sample will be selected based on the homogeneity. Homogeneity is form of equivalence in which the researcher limits the subjects to only one level of an extraneous variable to reduce its impact on the study findings (Grove et al, 2017). Nurse practitioner will be selected from states which allows full practice and state with restricted access. The NPs should have at least 4-5yrs experiences as a nurse practitioner. Instruments Use an existing instrument. Section includes title, description, validity end reliability estimates which were performed on a pre-established measure i.e., validated in another study or studies and scale. If you design your own data collection tool you should include plans for testing validity and reliability. You could test it in a small pilot study. No example. Description of the Intervention this section will be closely related to the question and operational definitions and use of the Instrument(s). Example of Intervention The study group will receive a culturally adapted narrative based intervention. This intervention will be delivered in the form of an online movie. During the movie, a peer will discuss his/her HPV experiences and the importance of HPV vaccination (Hopfer, 2012). To increase the impact of the intervention, the movie will incorporate cultural specifics and principles of the HBM. Prior to showing the movie to participants, the movie will undergo several focus group guided revisions (Hopfer, 2012). It is expected that the total length of the movie will be between 5 and 10 minutes. The comparison group will be presented with an interactive online brochure discussing the importance of HPV vaccination. The brochure will inform participants about dangers of HPV and explain how and where to obtain the vaccine. The estimated completion time for the control group is between 10 and 15 minutes. Data Collection Procedures describe the process for collecting the data. From WK7 Discussion: Who will collect data? If research assistants, were they trained? How was data collected survey, scanable forms, self-administered? questionnaire etc. Include Ethical considerations regarding participant privacy. confidentiality and human rights and storage of data. Read Chapter 20 and chapter 9 Concepts are Ethics and Human Rights. Example of Data Collection Study was about early vs. late arterial sheath removal. Note – A different study would include more information. This section should be customized to your study. Data Collection Procedures Data collection forms and codebook will be developed to record the obtained measurement of hematoma and pain level. Researchers will use laptop computers to code data directly into the electronic file at the bedside. The pilot test of the researcher designed collection forms and codebook will be performed before actual data collections begin. Patient privacy and anonymity will be maintained in all stages of the study. The data collected will be recorded and stored using password protected computer software.

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