Write a letter to the principal of your local school, or a school familiar to you, recommending the use of one of the activities and one of the resources you have identified for students in a specific grade level or content area.

Part 1: Consider the community in which you live or teach in California. What different cultures exist in your community? Create a chart or graphic organizer that includes the following: A description of at least three activities and at least three resources you could use in your classroom to support English language learners from diverse cultural backgroundsAn explanation of how each activity or resource connects with academic content or aligns with California’s state standardsA description of the intended community who benefits from each activity or resource (Note: Ensure that at least one resource is located in your community.)An APA-formatted reference page that lists the resources you used to complete the assignment Ensure that resources and activities are respectful, authentic, and align to California’s state standards. When considering activities requiring technology, include options for students who do not have access to technology in their homes or classrooms.

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