Write a 1000 word discussion paper about the evaluation presented in the article, reviewing the design, methods, outcomes, and quality of the evaluation.

For this assessment, you need to read the following published article: Norman A, Nyberg G, Elinder LS, Berlin A. One size does not fit all qualitative process evaluation of the Healthy School Start parental support programme to prevent overweight and obesity among children in disadvantages areas in Sweden. BMC Public Health. 2016; 16(37). You may consider: – What does this evaluation tell us about whether this public health program works? – This evaluation is described as a process evaluation would an impact or outcome evaluation of this program be possible? What would it involve? – Do you think that appropriate data collection and analysis methods were used? Why/why not? – You may wish to comment on the sampling and recruitment of participants, choice of focus groups vs. interviews, choice of interview questions. – What other information could be used to evaluate this program? – Do you think this evaluation could be used in determining whether to fund this program? Why/why not? – To whom should the evaluation findings be disseminated? – Was the reporting of this qualitative analysis clear and transparent? – Overall, do you think that this is a good quality evaluation? You can structure your discussion paper according to your own preference, but try to ensure that it is clear and easy to follow

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