World after the Zombie Apocalypse


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World after the Zombie Apocalypse

In the past, a zombie apocalypse was foretold and was expected to happen to happen any time. To many, this was a myth. Nonetheless, this led to people preparing themselves for this scary event, including the American Navy, which specifically trained in preparation for confrontation with the Zombies. Different preparedness strategies were communicated to countries through the internet, novels, films, scientific advice, and religion advices (Zombie Apocalypse). People had different perceptions about the zombie apocalypse. Some believed this would happen, and therefore took the advice seriously, however others thought of it as a prank, and did not take any precautions. Things greatly changed when this became a reality. The zombies invasion came, and humans were devastated. Despite the human underestimation of the zombies, terming them as weak and defenceless, the high-tech defence systems of humans did not count during the zombie apocalypse (Zombieland). Today, the effects of this deadly zombie apocalypse remain. Presently, the year 2130 bears a wretched and pathetic United States of America, which is characterised by famine, poor governance, poor sanitation, poor economy, and poor international relations.

Survivors of this zombie apocalypse in the United States of America are countable. These regard themselves lucky to have survived such a torturous experience. However, it will be difficult for them to adapt to the life they were used to before. All America reads misery. Clouds of death fill the American skies. Sadness covers the faces of the survivors. It is a devastating, miserable life. There is no technology left, no enough food to eat, no families to bond with, no schools for learning, homes are empty, and streets are filled with abandoned cars and dead bodies. State of sanitation is poor and there is no water. The survivors are living in fear. They fear touching anything, eating anything or travelling anywhere. Pictures of their loved ones succumbing to zombie infection are still fresh in their minds. The few people you meet on the streets have faces registering despair. The survivors are alive, but again dead (Brallier 8-12).

The organized Federal Government that once existed is now history. Governance is now in the hands of inexperienced people, who do not know the meaning of national healing. They want things back to normal by coercing survivors to comply with their dictatorial demands. Survivors wonder if their survival was a mistake. Chaos fill the once organized America. Immense disorganization persists in the social, political, and religious spheres. Religious people who survived are confused; they no longer know what to believe in. However, survivors yearn for their old America. USA needs urgent restoration, survivors need to find a reason to live again, to smile again and forge on. However, this calls for a reshuffle in the present governance. Each survivor needs to play a role in restoring the land. This is where action picks, when survivors realize they have to restore their world in its former working order. Each survivor is to play their small role in their areas to ensure their smooth existence.

What the USA needs is a type of government where its citizens participate in decision-making. All survivors witnessed the Zombie Apocalypse, therefore, share similar experiences. They desire their former life. All opinions of survivors will therefore count in the general restoration process. This is why participatory governance is essential for the USA. There is need for a new world, where life will be bearable, and there will be an opportunity for the survivors to bury the zombie apocalypse memories into a pit of forgetfulness.

The few survivors make up the USA population. They need to be protected; and not be left to die, as they are now the pillar of the nation. Their continued survival will only be ensured through strengthening the economy. Food is essential for people; therefore, the new governance will work towards ensuring that the surviving population gets enough food to keep them going. All the crops in the fields need to be destroyed as they might pose a risk of zombie infection. New plants with short maturation period need to be replanted in order to save the food shortage experienced. The lives of the survivors are dear; therefore, these need to be protected from any element with zombie reinfection risk. The immediate need of food, if realized, will pave way for further advancements in the economy, since the population is a prerequisite for any development in a country (Emerick 14-16).

With regard to sanitation, everything will need to undergo cleansing with chemicals in order to disinfect elements of zombie plagues, and reduce risk of further outbreak. The abandoned cars on streets, buildings, and even the people themselves need some sought of protection from potential zombie infection risks. In this process, surviving doctors may come in handy; however, they should as well be protected in the whole event. Water supplies need purification and testing before being open for people to use. The environment, which is littered with dead bodies and abandoned cars need to be cleaned to avoid emergence of diseases related to sanitation. This will ensure a peace of mind for the survivors, as they will live without worrying about further outbreak.

A country without education is doomed (Machiavelli 8). This calls for an urgent need for the education system in the USA to be restored. All the survivors ought to re-educate themselves, owing to the zombie experience they had. Education will initially base on psychological studies. This is because the survivors underwent trauma and experienced an adverse psychological influence during the Zombie apocalypse. They therefore need to heal and get back to their normal psychological state. The psychology classes will also involve counselling since the survivors need counselling. Education will therefore play an important role in national healing. A nation full of psychological patients is less likely to excel. With time, and putting all the correct strategies in place, the education system will be revolutionized to embrace advanced technological concepts, for all the population. This way, the nation will learn to prepare for any other future occurrence different or similar to the zombie apocalypse. The zombie apocalypse caught the nation unawares and caused many deaths, as many people were not trained on preparedness in such events (Tomasella 31-33).

Conclusively, the recent zombie apocalypse goes down as one of the most mysterious, terrifying, and devastating experience that ever happened in human existence. The survivors are fortunate to live to tell the tale; however, they still have their fair share of horrific memories, which engulf them every night they lay down to sleep. Restoration of the USA is paramount in this post-apocalypse era, to bring out a new world, with transformation from the apocalypse misery to the old fulfilling life people knew. Participatory governance will ensure this new world, with changes in economic, social, and political ideologies. The apocalypse experience still hurts, but the pain the new world will be alleviated it.


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