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Working rewards

Different people have their own preferences of either being self employed or being employed by a company. In whichever case, the decision is based on a number of factors that a person chooses.  Factors that form the basis of decisions to be self employed or be employed by someone include personal development and growth, religious/morality factors, time consumption, responsibility, autonomy, financial rewards, own boss among many other reasons. I have worked both on my own as well as in other companies but working on myself has not been rewarding as working for other companies.  Reasons for these feeling of less rewards, includes; personal growth and development, religion, time consumption, responsibilities, loss of work security and high uncertainty and stress.

Personal growth and development while working on myself has reduced. During the early stages of work, there are a lot of responsibilities that need to be done such as ensuring that all aspects in the job are attended to. These increased responsibilities deter me to engage in other activities that are important to the advancement of my career.  Much of the time is spend in isolation as opposed to working in a company where you get an opportunity to meet and interact and share with other employees.  Working for myself has always denied me opportunities to learn new ways of doing thinks and this deters my personal growth and development. Furthermore, working in a company provides me an opportunity to benefits from incentives that are provided by the company such as career development, leaves and financial assistance helping me to advance in my career.

Working in a company also provides one an opportunity to learn and appreciate other peoples religious and their moral values. Organizations have their cultures which help to unite or identify them from others.  The fact that companies have people from different religion affiliations and moral values, they help people to appreciate and learn to respect others beliefs hence enhancing harmony.  Working on myself does not provide me with the opportunity to meet and share with other people morals and values therefore; it has tended to limit my scope of knowledge.

When working for myself, I work for many hours even to an extend of overworking myself.  Working many hours and intensively is always motivated by the affinity to make a lot of money. This tires me and even makes me to cut my contacts or reduce my relationships with my family members. Compared to working in a company, working time is defined and this allows me time to attend to other activities such as family and have time to engage in leisure. Therefore, on time consumption, working for a company is more rewarding as it provides an opportunity to relax and do other important things.

Working for myself requires more responsibilities as compared to working in the company. In a company situation, work is dividend into smaller tasks which are assigned to certain departments. Therefore, in a company, people in a department have the same skills and can help one another with tasks and ideas. Working for myself requires a lot of input in terms of capital, managerial skills and ensuring smooth operation of the business.

Work security is guaranteed while working in the company as opposed to being self employed. The company is obliged by the law to ensure that the welfare of employees are safeguarded and upheld. In a self employment, there is no work security guarantee as any time anything can happen rendering you unemployed. Examples of these uncertainties or risks include, business collapse, bankruptcy among many others.

Stress is also an integral part when working on your own. Even though every aspects of life we experience stress, in a company the level of work stress is minimal compared to when you work on yourself.  Stress related to working on your own include,  working for long hours, less time for leisure, dealing with management issues, financial problems  among many others.

Even though, working for yourself allow one to engage in activities that best satisfies you and helps in determining the level of income you want to earn, the benefits of working in a company is more fulfilling and satisfying  because of the opportunities available such as personal growth and development,  minimal stress and many other advantages.  Working for others has therefore provided me the work gratification and job satisfaction as opposed to working myself.


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