Women’s issues in American Politics





Women’s issues in American Politics

During our grandparents’ time, a woman’s place was considered to be in the kitchen or giving birth and raising children. It’s not easy to change tradition overnight, so this was passed on from generation to generation and we grew up knowing that our mothers job was to cook and feed us well in order to bring up a happy family. This is why during the nineteenth century some American women became involved in abolitionism to end this tradition in the United States. This was done to confront men who did not think that women should play a role in social or political affairs (Rourke,110).

Without asking for anything in return, they worked their backs off to make sure that we never go without food, a place to sleep, and more importantly love. The women whom we owe our lives to are the same women that we discriminate against, the same women we under appreciate and insult. It is a shame since we ought to be proud, very proud of the women in our lives. Were it not for them we would not be who we are and where we are today. They brought out the good in us; they made us a better people. We owe them much respect, we owe them our gratitude.

In this year coming general elections we ought to vote for a leader who has the best interest of women at heart. A leader who is more considerate when it comes to women’s issues, a leader who listens, acts, and a leader who is not selfish. Governor Eric George McLain the governor of Illinois would be the perfect man for the job. He has fought more for the rights of women in society as an individual than the society has in the last four years. He believes that a woman is just as important as man is. He believes involving women in reform and law making decisions will take this state to a higher level. He promises to fight for women rights to the end. His stand is to ensure that every woman is respected as a person and is able to enjoy her every right as a woman.

The governor has built colleges and universities and included women education in their programmer in order to educate women of their rights in society. He has opened up savings and credit societies in different parts of the state, to help women save and get loans to start up businesses or expand the ones they already have. In his campaign, he promises to amend the constitution for gender equality, by doing this women will have equal rights to men. Women will be able to inherit property, have equal representation in parliament and own businesses. A woman will be considered an important person in society. Respected and appreciated.

No matter how good the governor’s promises sound at the end of the day, he is a politician. We all know all politicians play dirty politics. Dirty politics often has more to do with motive than the substance of the decision; it is an important part of the political landscape and key reason for building rigidity and oversight mechanism into institutions as part of the rule of law (Doremus & Tarlock, 152).

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