Why would an inmate choose one over the other? In which court are the different types of cases filed?

Include a running head and page numbers in the margin, not in the spacing of the paper. Include headings and subheadings. While there is no page requirement, the question(s) need to be answered completely and thoroughly, thus shorter answers will result in lower grades. This is a college level essay, thus you are expected to: The top of your first page should include the question(s) followed by the first paragraph of your paper The first paragraph of any writing assignment is the most important. In effect, the first paragraph should serve as an outline or abstract of your paper. Each following sentence or section in the first paragraph should introduce the various subtopics of the paper in sequential order. The second paragraph should then introduce your first topic, and so on. Refrain from using quotes from your text or other documents. Instead paraphrase and cite appropriately. Use third person dialog Refrain from using slang, abbreviations, and contractions Refrain from spelling or grammar errors. Include a conclusion paragraph Include APA references and citations. Using APA citations and references from the required textbook Using your textbook, discuss the three different types of lawsuits filed by prisoners: Writ of Habeas Corpus, Torts, and Section 1983. And, what are the different types of relief or damages based on the three choices?

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