Why do children bully at school?


Choose a situation you wish to discuss and write an essay analyzing its causes. It may be anything that seems important to you. In your opening paragraph, you should:
1) introduce the situation you are considering
2) tell why it is important
3) present a Thesis Statement outlining the causes you are going to trace.
The body of your essay should explain how these causes have contributed to the situation; remember to provide examples to support your statements.

The trick with Causal Analysis is that, instead of following the usual procedure and discussing the consequences of a certain situation, you need to analyze its causes. Many students make the mistake of looking to the future and discussing possible effects, rather than looking back to discuss what has caused the situation they are discussing. For instance, if you decided to write about pollution of the oceans and based your essay on industrial waste and garbage being dumped into the oceans, that would be correct Causal Analysis. If your essay discussed the species of fish which will be killed off by ocean pollution, that would be incorrect for Causal Analysis. Let me know if you have any questions —

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