why bestbuy failed in china

In getting started, you will need to choose a ‘failed’ company. As mentioned earlier, ‘failure’ here is to be interpreted in a broad sense. A specific company activity might be unsuccessful where as the overall company might be doing very well. You need to draw the boundaries of your ‘failure’ very clearly. Provide your reasons with factual evidence why you consider the particular company activity to be a failure. Examples of failures could include a company deciding to de-internationalize or retract from a particular international market (such as Wal-Mart’s exit from Germany, S. Korea; Carrefour’s exit from Thailand); a company failing to generate sufficient sales of its innovative new product for which it invested heavily in research and development work; a company deciding to completely change its business model for a particular international market/segment/product after suffering losses; and the like. The failure can also be at a certain point in time in the company’s existential experience (such as Apple doing extremely well now, but faced severe problems early on). Please consult your tutor/lecturer if you are in doubts about your choice of the ‘failed’ company.
Once you have chosen the ‘failed’ company, you will need to conduct a comprehensive strategic analysis of the failure. Using the concepts and frameworks you learn as part of the lectures/readings/discussions you will need to thoroughly conduct a strategic diagnosis. Your diagnosis should aim to clearly bring out the weaknesses inherent in the company’s strategy which could have contributed to the particular failure. You will not be expected to apply all

the frameworks/concepts you learn, but only the most appropriate ones (elements of it) according to you. This diagnosis should be the main content of your written report as well as of your presentation. The depth and soundness of the analysis, conciseness and clarity, creativity and originality and the proper usage of English language will be important determinants of your final grades. Based on your analysis, you will provide some recommendation but that should only occupy a small portion of your report and presentation.

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