why and how of effective altrusim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Diuv3XZQXyc

Paragraph 1 (issue-statement paragraph): Tell the reader what you are going to do in this essay. In this essay, I will explain Peter Singers position regarding effective altruism. I will then argue that there is a problem with his view. Give the reader a roadmap of what your paper does. Paragraphs 2-4: (Important facts/background paragraphs): In these paragraphs, fully and clearly explain what you will call the three main claims of Singer regarding ethical altruism. You have to think about his view and organize it into three claims. For each of the three paragraphs, do the following: first, give the claim. Then, clearly explain what it means. Then, give an example to illustrate point being made. Example (not of Singer, but to give you the idea). The first claim of Sartre is that everyone self-deceives. This means that everyone lies to themselves. So, for example, suppose Jones knows Brown is cheating on him, but he pretends it isnt true. In this case, Jones engages in self-deception. a) Paragraph 2: Singers first main claim about giving is that [give, explain, example] b) Paragraph 3: Singers second main claim about giving is that [give claim, explain it, example] c) Paragraph 4: Singers last main claim about giving is Paragraph(s) 5 Your own objection With the preceding explained,

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