Who or what are this author’s literacy sponsors? How did they influence their desire to be literate? What, in your opinion, is the point of their literacy narrative?

The topic about Sponsors of Literacy and the Power of Narrative. For this discussion post, I would like you to utilize Deborah Brandt and at least 1 of the following readings: Malcom X – Learning to Read, p 106Sandra Cisneros – Only Daughter, p 101Victor Villanueva, Excerpt from Bootstraps, p 116Brandt discusses the fact that Literacy Sponsors allow us to think about literacy as a process of how and why, rather than simply ‘are you or are you not literate.’ She also addresses the fact that seemingly negative circumstances can produce positive results, and positive seeming ones can be in fact negative. Brandt’s argument is that literacy is a process, unique to every individual, and by studying each individual’s literacy sponosors, we can better understand their literacy journey, but also our own and the concept of literacy itself.For your response, please select one of the above readings and analyze it using the concepts Brandt provides. What are they trying to accomplish, and who are they trying to speak to? What is the value of literacy according to that author? Finally, you should consider: why choose to write these as narrative stories rather than, say, an op/ed column, a book, or other style of writing?

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