Who am I?






Who am I?

I am a highly motivated person who is extremely organized with all my work in the school and at work. When it comes to time management, I am extremely organized to ensure that all my work both at school and at job do not collide. When it comes to the performance of duties at work, I believe in organizing them in a way that I am efficient to produce quality work. At school, I organize all my assignments and projects in a professional to produce quality work that leads to the improvement of my grades. Second, I am an honest. I have earned trust from my colleagues at work and friends in school due to my trust. I believe that being honest is the first key to becoming a successful person. However, I would love to change the skill of saying too much. For instance, I do not know when to keep quiet and when to talk. As a result, I end up hurting other people. I would also love to change my perfectionist skill. This is because people often fear touching my stuff or socializing with me to avoid conflicts.

One of my academic goals is to attain an accounting degree. In the next three years, I wish to attain an accounting degree as part of my academic goals for the purposes of becoming a fully qualified accountant. My second academic goal is to have completed Certified Public Accounts (CPA). For a person to become a better accountant he or she needs to have a professional qualification apart fro the degree. In this case, I wish to complete CPA to become a qualified accountant. Therefore, I need to complete my Bachelor Degree in Accounting and CPA in the next three years.

After accomplishing my academic goals, one of my professional goals is have a job that is related to the accounted. My main aim to study accounting is to become a qualified accountant working in a reputable organization. My second professional goal is to my own firm that deals with accounting. After gaining experience in the accounting field, I would like to open my own firm that performs accounting services to other companies. Therefore, my main professional goals are to be employed as an accountant in a reputable organization. Second, open my accounting firm after gaining experience. All goals I am planning to have completed them in the next three years.

In the process of achieving academic and professional goals, I would like to achieve my personal goals. First, I would like to purchase a house where I can call home. When I become a qualified accountant, I would like to purchase a house with the money that I would be paid. Second, I would love to have a family of my own. In this case, I would love to have a family that will fill the house that I will have bought. For the two personal goals, I am planning to have attained them in the next three years. However, the person goals will depend on the attainment of the other goals and other personal factors.

In order to complete these goals, I need an action plan. First, I need to enroll in the college where I can attend class for both CPA and Degree class. This is because I am planning to enroll in the two courses concurrently. I would like to be at the helm of the accounting department in the organization that I am working for by the time I am through with my academic goals. Finally, I would open my own firm once I have gained enough experience in the accounting field. Finally, when I am working on these goals, I would by a house on mortgage for the purposes of owning it in the next three years. Secondly, I will be trying to start a family while try to achieve the other goals.

The college will be the perfect start for achieving all my goals. This is because in the current world people are required to have academic papers for the purposes of acquiring better employment opportunities in the market. In this case, the college will help me in gaining my academic qualifications that will land me in a good employment opportunity. After achieving all this due to my education background from the college, I will be able to gather capital for business and a house for my family. Therefore, college is the key to success of my goals.

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