Which were the most effective presidents in the first 60 years of the country, and why? Who were the least successful and why?

Discuss at least two or three presidents, and provide evidence to support your answer.The first half of American history shows how fragile the new Union was. Describe the friction in the country from the creation of the Constitution to 1840s. Examine the threats to the continuation of the Union as part of your answer including how the threat was averted, if it was, and provide evidence to support your answer.What was life like for women in this period? Compare the life of yeoman women to that of middle and upper-class women. How did life for women in the South compare with life in the North?From the beginning of the country to the 1840s, analyze relationships among different regional, social, ethnic, and racial groups, and explain how these groups experiences have related to U.S. national identity.

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