Where in the World are Inclusive Communities?

Disability rights are human rights yet many individuals with disabilities still experience disparities and discrimination in accessing these essential rights. You will select one area to explore (employment, housing, transportation, education, etc.) and examine how this fundamental right is being addressed in a geographic location outside of the US by analyzing the relevant policies of that topic area and how they impact the everyday lives of individuals with disabilities. You will review at least 2 articles that you select from your independent research related to the barriers/challenges or solutions/successes related to this policy in this country. This assignment will correspond to our investigation of the UN convention on the Rights of the Disabled and how this is being enacted across the
Go to the World Health Organization (WHO) National Policy Documents.In this section, the WHO provides links to some examples of national policies, strategies, and plans of action for disability and rehabilitation currently being implemented by countries around the world in the hope that it will assist or inspire those tasked to develop similar tools. Additional policies, strategies, and plans of action will be added as they are made known to WHO. The provision of the links below does not indicate endorsement of those sites by WHO, and WHO accepts no responsibility for the validity or accuracy of their content.
1.Select a country
2.Select one topic area in that country such as education, employment, health, etc.
3.Become familiar with the policy in that country you have selected
4.Using the UN CRPD documents, analyze the policy and write a four-five page double spaced paper that meets the criteria outlined in the grading rubric.Suggested StructureA) The following is a suggested structure for the paper:
A summary of the countrys policy (no more than 1 page)B) Barriers/challenges or success/solutions enacting the inclusive policy based on your independent research, including at least 2 articles as an outside resource that is cited in a bibliography (2 pages)C) Your reflection on how this policy is or is not enacting the UN Convention and any suggested next steps. Make specific reference to the convention and relevant convention articles and guiding principles, intent and purposes (1 -2 page)!!!

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