where are foreign exchange markets headed?

The main body must be at least three pages in length APA style, 12 pt Times New Romanfont, double spaced, and . The paper should compare and contrast what two other sources in addition to what the book says about the topic/subject. The paper will be checked for proper grammar, spelling, diction etc.Choose a topic from pages xxv-xxvi (Looking to the Future),
Discuss, compare, and contrast what two other sources, in addition to the book, say about the topic. Grammar, spelling, diction, APA style. Cover page and reference pages are in addition to the three main pages. Submit paper in D2L mailbox by midnight.

Book : Daniels, J. D., Radebaugh, L. H., and Sullivan, D.P. (2013). International Business: Environments and Operations (14th Ed). Upper Saddle River: NJ, Pearson Publication.

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