Whats more important a leaders behavior OR a leaders intention?Think of this as preparing to participate in a debate on leaders, leading, and leadership.

First, consider how you answer the question for yourself; you, as leader, and make your argument (as in a debate). Use examples; be descriptive. (it depends on the circumstance or some of both are not acceptable answers.)
Include in your argument or position examples of modern day leaders or organizations which have experienced outcomes that fit or complement or your answer.
Second, project how a team which you may lead (real or imaginary) will answer the same question. From what basis do you anticipate they will form their argument?
Just as above, can you think of any modern-day example to support your position?
Part Two: A Leaders QuestionsAdam Bryant a long time columnist on Leadership for New York Times posted some observations, titled How to Be the Big Boss as his last submission prior to moving to another organization. Read the article (attached) and place yourself as CEO of an organization. Write your one question the only question you will ask a candidate for which the answer from the candidate will determine if you will hire them, or not.
Provide some background to your formulation.
Then project or suppose what type of answer will help you decide yes, hire or no, do not.
Finally, do the same for a team you are forming to accomplish a collective assignment over the next 9 months. Formulate one question you will ask each potential member for which the answer will determine if you select them or not.What background/experience helps you formulate the question?What response will have you selecting the team member? What response will have you declining to select them?

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