What tools will you recommend to HR, and why? What, in your estimation, is a good gauge for measuring trusty and loyalty? Why?

Case Study Part 2: A Multigenerational Workforce For this assignment, you will continue to take the role of Elizabeth Parris, the CEO of Saint Nicholas Health System, as described in the case studies in your textbook. In that role, you will add to the strategic communication plan of action you started in Part 1 of these case study assignments. As you respond to the Saint Nicholas case studies, you may want to utilize additional articles about leading multigenerational workforces to build your leading and mentoring skills and strategies for Saint Nicholas. For this assignment, in your strategic communication plan of action, document the following: 1. Your recommendations (as Elizabeth Parris) to the human resources department of Saint Nicholas, about strategies or tools for measuring employee trust and loyalty. Read the final “Consider This” vignette at the end of Chapter 5 (page 63) in your textbook as you consider what to write. This vignette presents an interaction between Jim Batten and Elizabeth about measuring trust and loyalty. 2. What you (as Elizabeth Parris) will provide in the employee file of Doctor Linda McKenzie that counsels Doctor McKenzie about her listening habits with staff she works with or supervises. See the scenario in the “Consider This” vignette on page 78 at the end of Chapter 6 in your textbook for information about this situation. What must be documented and why? 3. Your comments to Human Resources Director, Jim Batten and Stockard Smith that reiterate the feedback given to Stockard as she was counseled for tardiness to meetings. See the scenario at the beginning of Chapter 7 (page 81) of your textbook for details about this situation. 4. Your proposal for developing and communicating about a mentoring program for Saint Nicholas. Address each numbered item listed in the first “Consider This” vignette found in the summary section of Chapter 8 of your textbook, beginning on page 99. 5. Your communication to the board of directors and HR that details recommendations for improving team effectiveness among staff. Refer to the two “Consider This” vignettes in the summary section at the end of Chapter 9, on page 110 of your textbook. 6. Your request to key staff members to meet after you learn that patient satisfaction surveys are showing a distinct drop in the level of satisfaction. In your request, suggest that staff members meet to develop ways to energize staff in improving their performance. List at least three recommendations for energizing staff with the goal of ultimately improving satisfaction scores. Assignment Requirements The section of the strategic communication plan of action for each of the numbered items in this assignment should be one page in length. So, your plan of action for this assignment will have six one-page entries. The paper must be in APA format with a cover page, table of contents, and a listing of sources cited. Use Turnitin and submit the Turnitin report with your paper. RESOURCES: Moore, J. M., Everly, M., & Bauer, R. (2016). Multigenerational challenges: Team-building for positive clinical workforce outcomes. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 21(2), 1C?11C.

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