What the essay requires is a description of the major points you learned from the individual class and then with the 3 classes you chose for that section, relate those learning nuggets to one another for a holistic view of that section of the portfolio.

-Please use the classes Statistics and Interpersonal Relations/Small Group Dynamics PsychologyFor Example
chose three classes for this Industry and organizational analysis section of the portfolio because the knowledge learned from these classes focuses on organizing and presenting information using technology, making business and personal financial decisions using that technology and communicating the results of that decision making process to others.IT taught me the power of technology to perform various tasks that can be done in a fraction of the time it would take if done by hand. The microsoft suite of tools can be used for anything from simple spreadsheets (excel) to data bases (access) to word processing(Word) and various analysis using the “add-ins” like statistical analysis and financial computations. IT is a decision enabler in personal and corporate life.That leads to my second class Finance in which I learned about the personal and corporate investment decision making using the financial tools in technology. Finance theory helps make decisions ranging from personal investment and loan decisions through corporate firms making billion dollar decisions on whether to build a plant and where that plant should be built. Finance is about optimizing the capital one has to have a good return on investment (ROI).Professional communication is critical to present information to another person or audience. While IT has its place in making mathematical decisions, communicating those decisions to a client or a group is what makes the translation of that data into understandable information. I learned communication can be multi-modal, that is it can be spoken, visual and and accentuated by elements such as eye contact, voice tone and gestures.The three classes chosen for this section taught me that the three elements of IT, Finance and communication are not stand alone “classes” but pieces of a puzzle that we must put together to achieve outcomes. IT is a decision support and workload management tool. In and of itself it requires a human being to analyze the data and make it meaningful to the problem at hand. Finance uses this technology to make complex business and personal decisions, using the technology to optimize the results of that decision. While IT can present data very efficiently and effectively and can support financial decisions mathematically, the underlying analysis and interpretation must be presented to clients and individuals though the human communication process. So in summary these courses taught me how to bring the different pieces of learning from individual classes into a holistic problem solving process.

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