What specific elements of the video do you think have contributed to SAS being voted as the best place to work?

1. Watch and answer: Watch the video clip CNNSAS Named #1 in Best Companies to Work For on www.youtube.com, answer the following questions and upload your responses (approx. 150words) 2. How might these elements impact on the work-related attitudes of SAS employees? 3. How might more positive work-related attitudes impact on job performance at SAS? 2. Read and answer: Read the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure report. When reading the report consider how security screening staff at airports watch thousands of people each day pass through X-ray machines. To do their job well, they must maintain high levels of concentration on each and every item and person being scrutinised, without relaxing their standards or daydreaming for even one second. Question: How might these employees be motivated to provide the security that travel threats now demand? Upload your response to the question (approx. 150 words) 3. Watch and answer: Watch the SBS video Do we need pay transparency in Australia? and answer the following questions:(approx. 200 words) 1. Do employees have a right to know the pay levels of fellow employees? 2. Is pay secrecy necessarily unethical? Unfair? Counter-productive? 3. Why/how might pay transparency reduce pay inequity? 4. Research and Answer: Imagine you are a full-time on-going Sports Operations Coordinator at Touch Football Australia Inc (TFA) in their NSW division. The primary purpose of your role is to coordinate and drive all touch football competitions for TFA-NSW in an efficient and effective manner. Your duties include the coordination of NSW business operations, budgeting and financial support of competitions, event planning and co-ordination, publicity, promotion and sponsorship and general administration. You work under the direction of the TFA State Manager (NSW) and hold a Bachelor of Management in Sports Management. Answer the following questions: 1. What industrial instrument is applicable to your employment with TFA 2. One average how many hours per week are you required to work? 3. Are you entitled to Annual Leave Loading? 4. What is the frequency of your pay? 5. How much should you be earning annually (provide a range)? (approx. 100 words) 5. Visit, Identify & Answer: Visit the Careers section of the Marriott International website: www.marriott.com Identify the measures Marriott have in place to create a barrier-free recruitment and selection process. What are those measures? Now visit the website of an employer of your choosing and compare how well they consider and address the issue of barrier-free recruitment and selection. In your write up you should identify any characteristics or qualities Marriott and your chosen organisation have in common when it comes to barrier-free recruitment and selection and also point out any evident differences. (approx. 200 words)

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