What kinds of boundaries, both literal and symbolic, do the Crafts cross in the course of their escape?

Directions are as follows: Read the Craft book “running a thousand miles for freedom” by Ellen craftAddress the following questions in your 3-5 page paper: Which boundaries do they seem to have the most difficulty crossing?It has been argued that cross-dressing is frequently a sign of “category crisis” in a manuscript. That is, it points to the hypocrisy of other socially constructed categories such as race, class, or sexuality. What categories besides gender are “in crisis” in the Crafts’ narrative? What kinds of challenges does her “masculine” role create for William as both her husband and the narrator of their story?Cross-dressing was a popular design in early national literature; how do these acts of disguise take on different meanings over time? How do they challenge our assumptions about race and gender?

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