what is the strategy of the company? Is it coherent? Is it doable in every market? Is it sustainable along time?

In this final paper you should work on three (3) companies, one from each group, selected from the list provided below: Group 1 (pre): Coca Cola, P&G, Univeler, Sony, General, Electric, Mc Donald’s, Ford, Toyota, FedEx, UPS, Phillip Morris Group 2 (during g): Microsoft, Apple, Sun, Microsystems, Novell, Intel, Cisco Systems, Unisys, IBM, HP, Nokia, Kodak Group 3 (post): Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, Linux, Twitter, Facebook, Threadless, Firefox, Ohmynews, Salesforce, Yahoo I expect you to comfortably manage ideas covered in the selected books, applying all of them to analyze these specific organizations. As a way of reference, you should be able to answer questions like the followings: What are the key success factors of the company? Is the business model aligned with the strategic formulation? Are the product portfolio and the price strategy a clear consequence of the defined strategy? Once you have finished the individual analysis, make a comparison of the companies, and tell me what you find. Are similarities worth noting in terms of strategies? To what extent? In order to work on this paper, you should do some research on the web to get the needed information. Please, dont limit the sources of data to corporate and official web sites, since the web has plenty of valuable resources. Your paper should look like the recommendation of a specialized consultant in strategic management, supporting accurate data and definitions from the companies with the theoretical framework settled by the texts and authors studied. This is the task. For this final assignment use no more than 2000 words, excluding titles, footnotes, charts, tables and annexes. This paper accounts 30% of the final grade, and should receive a grade equal or higher than 50/100 for approval.

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