What is the relationship between these two characters and how does Behr establish the power dynamic between them?

The Smell of Apples assignmentIn no less than 1500 words write an analysis of the encounter between Chrisjan and Marnus (pp163-166). Did the scene make you feel uncomfortable? If so, why?
Book essay is on:
Smell of apples by Mark Behr
Use following article as one of your references/ sources:
-‘The Smell of Apples, Moby Dick, and Apartheid Ideology’ by Rita Barnard
-Read the whole article
-Focus specially on the topic White Whales and Dark Strangers p. 218
-Interesting to compare how Marnus reacts towards Chrisjan and how and how Jan interacts with Chrisjan
-Why is there a difference in interactions?
Use the article as a source and one more source
Own creative title

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