What is the process that takes place at the crime scene to identify the physical evidence that is collected?

Factual situation: Crime scene Specific instructions: 1. Using the following factual situation and the guiding questions that are detailed below, you will identify and differentiate between the methods of gathering evidence. It is known as evidence collection to the process by which the technique is used to raise the evidence that is at the scene of the crime. The article entitled Introduction to evidence collection will help you to complete the task. 2. Read and analyze the factual situation provided at the end. 3. Now that you have completed the reading of the factual situation, you must do a written work following the indications mentioned in the assessment matrix. Use the following guide questions: Are the same collection methods put into practice? Regarding the physical evidence of hair, what is the correct identification and packaging procedure? Can physical evidence be collected with gloves on only? Would it be the same procedure, for example, in the case of lifting and identifying blood or seminal fluid? Why? What information does the evidence cover contain to maintain the chain of custody? Can the evidence be packed in a single sleeve if it is of a different nature? What type of evidence do we pack in electrostatic dissipation bags (ESD)? What is the importance and function of the labels, if the covers to store the physical evidence are not labeled? How do we identify and collect firearms at a crime scene? Factual situation On February 14, 2013, it was a day of great joy, excitement and joy. This day, the La Trumpet business was partying, since after being closed for a year, they reopened their doors to salsa, merengue and bachata dancers. The new administrator is “Papo” Cez. This had had problems with “Juan del Diablo” for the control of drug spots. “Juan del Diablo” was accused of having committed a murder and served an 11-year prison sentence. During his imprisonment he learned that “Papo” was left with the three drug spots that he used to drive on the street. A week before the inauguration “Juan del Diablo” came out of jail and found himself on Calle Esperanza with “Papo”. He warned him in front of “Siso”, “Papito” and Ren: “Do not worry, it will weigh you what you did to me; I’m going to kill you, you wretch. On the day of the reopening there were about 50 people, enjoying the song they were playing at that moment: bachata El anillo del Torito. It was 1:30 a.m. and a vehicle driven by “Juan Del Diablo” arrived and he got off with an AR-15 rifle and the “Compy” got off with an AKA-47. They went in front of the store and shot “Papo” in the face. This one survived the attack. He entered the business and continued with the “Compy” shooting. A neighbor woman known as “Tete” tried to stop “Juan del Diablo” and pulled her hair. He killed her, but she kept holding her hair. The result of this fact of blood was the balance of ten people killed 10. The corpses were inside and outside the local La Trumpet. They were surrounded by rifle shells of AK 47 and AR 15. Serious wounded were identified by the authorities as more than forty. In the scene there were clothes, cell phones, wallets and shoes of the victims. “Juan del Diablo” and “Compy” ran out of business and left the rifles thrown into the store. Meanwhile, “Juan del Diablo” told him: “move forward, the police take us”, because in the distance they saw a patrol approaching.

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