What is a possible problem for knowing in advance your genetic future? Could it lead to eugenics?

“Please no outside sources to be used for paper”12 sentence minimum.
Sample of a post:AIDS has been considered a global epidemic as it is constantly spreading and the number of deaths increase significantly each year, or at least it had been until recently when it dropped from 33 to 30 million. With the first case of HIV discovered in 1959, this has been one of the longest running viruses with no cure; only medications to suppress it have been made. It started as a disease that was considered to only be in gay men and was initially called GRID (gay-related immune deficiency) until it was also found in drug-dependent women’s newborn babies which changed the stigma of a ‘gay only’ disease, and the name was changed to AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). Triage’s main purpose is to intervene to change at-risk lives into saved lives. So, the mentality is to ignore countries/issues that don’t need our help and go to the places that you can make a difference seems like a political call vs. an ethical one. As an example, if we can’t find a solution to end world hunger and we give temporary help to a country in need but it is not going to solve the issue, it is better to utilize our resources elsewhere where it will actually do long term or permanent good. I think this mentality of triage is cruel and unethical to say the least. From an AIDS triage perspective, since people don’t care enough to become educated about the disease and practice safe sex; what is the point of helping these people if they don’t even care enough about themselves to take precautions from it. To that I would say; what about the people that aren’t getting it from practicing un-safe sex or sharing needles; like Kimberly Bergalis. We need to take care of this population of people because it is for the better of the entire worlds health, we can’t cast stones at people with HIV/AIDS because you never know what the circumstance was that they contracted it. Sure, it could be from the two most common sources (sex/needles) but it could also be from a blood transfusion or an infected physician that treated the patient unknowingly (Dr. Acer, pg. 320).

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