What emotions did the text evoke in you: laughter, tears, smiles, anger? Were you sad? Scared? Intrigued?

As you respond, use summary, paraphrase or quotations from the text to explain your ideas. Make sure to include page number citations and works cited citation at the end. The goal of these literature journals is to interact with the text’s big ideas, so please do not just summarize the reading. The prompts below are intended to help guide your personal responses and interactions with the texts you read. Typical page length for your original post should run 650+ words. Writing prompts (Choose one) What are some of your reactions? And, why did you react as you did? What was it about the text that evoked an emotional response from you? Was it the characters? The plot? The language? The description? 2. Sometimes stories will touch you, reminding you of your own life as part of the larger human experience. Are there connections between the text and your own life? Or, does the text remind you of an event (or events) that happened to someone you know? Does the text remind you of what happened in another text you’ve read? 3. Write about the characters? Which one is your favorite? Is there a character you hate/detest/despise? Why? What traits could you change about the characters that would change how you think about them? Do you think that any of the characters represent realpeople? Does anything about a particular character seem to be related to the author’s true personality–who the writer is? What was uniquely likable about the protagonist? What made the antagonist bothersome or despicable? 4. Did you feel more like an observer or were you pulled into the story, more like a participant? Which elements of the text made you a participant? Which elements made you feel like an observer? How would you describe the tone of the narration? Was the prose flowery? Sharp? Poetic? Did the narrative point-of-view contribute to your feelings as an observer/participant? 5. How did the author build tension? Write down each pinnacle or event that led to the final climax. Was the text a page-turner? What were the hooks or cliffhangers that made you want to keep reading?

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