What do the overall result show, in relation to nurses and nursing practice?

Applying the Theoretical Domains
Framework to identify barriers and targeted
interventions to enhance nurses use of
electronic medication management
systems in two Australian hospitals.Deborah Debono1,3* , Natalie Taylor1, Wendy Lipworth2, David Greenfield1,5, Joanne Travaglia3, Deborah Black4
and Jeffrey Braithwaite1 Pattren of marking
BN – Appraisal of a Research Article
______________________________________________________________________________Marking Criteria MARKS
Introduction, Identification and relevance of topic 2
Literature review 6
Methodology 4
Ethics consideration 3
Significant results 3
Discussion / Reflective critique 3
Recommendations _____________________________________________________________________________________Introduction, Identification and relevance of topic (2)
why is . important? Topic of research is important because it cost
what is the problem right now with..?
why did you select this article in particular?
preview how this article increases knowledge about RR issues
preview your crit review.Literature review (6)
.sometimes also called Background in articles summarise it and critically evaluate it
– what do you think the purpose of the BR/ LR was?
– Did it succeed in this purpose?
– Describe how they construct their BR/ LR (use verbs: he lists., he compares)
– what do these steps give for the reader of the article (eg. gives context?… gives deeper meaning?)
– does the writer combine (synthesise) the research in the BR/ LR well, or not? Explain.
– does the writer convince you of the need for their research?Methodology (4)
what research design?
why was it chosen? (advantages mentioned?)
why was this particular group chosen to participate? are you satisfied with the choice?
sample size: same questions (quality)
the tool used: why do they say they chose it? what do you think of these reasons? do they present the tool clearly?
implementation: do they clearly describe what they actually did, stage by stage?
Ethics consideration (3)
a general description of what ethics in research means (human rights, etc)
describe how the writer explains their ethics procedure
was the description adequate?
were the steps they took adequate?
what more could have been done?Significant results (3)
How many participants completed the experiment?
Was there a gender factor?
Do they make a broad sample?What was the result(s), in percentage terms?
What is the importance of the result(s)? (What do they imply?)
How were the results split?How were the results presented? (tables, etc)
Was it clear?
Can a nurse understand the presentation?Discussion / Reflective critique (3)
What unique contribution do the results make to knowledge about nursing?
What is especially valuable about the results?
Can the results be generalised to wider nursing practice?
How does the information from the results build or expand on the current body of knowledge?
How might nurses find the results useful?Recommendations (2)

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