What argument is the image making? Who is the argument being made to (audience)?

Journal 1 Directions
First, please find and embed two images that you believe reveal something about the roles technological innovations and advances play in our lives. There is no required reading for this assignment. Be prepared to share your work with the class on Thursday.Then, please respond to the following for each image (150 words per image, at least 300 words in total)Why did you pick this image?

What does this image say about the role of technology in our lives?Journal 2 Directions
First, read Turkle_”How Computers Change the Way We Think” and Sean Illing “Technology isnt just changing society its changing what it means to be human” You may wish to print the texts so you can annotate them as you read. Once you’ve read and annotated the articles, write a response of at least 300 words. Then for each article: Summarize the main arguments of each article (50-75 words for each argument)
Choose one point from each article that you agree or disagree with and explain why (75-100 words each essay)

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