What are the most important issues/challenges that confront the company?

esearch Project on either a foreign company doing business in the USA or an American company doing business in another countryExamples: IBM in China; Google in Europe;Lenovo in the US; GM in China; Uniglo in USA; Honda in the USA; Starbucks in China; Huaweis Political Issues in the USAThis project involves an analysis of a company of your choice in relation to the political and the economic integration of the global economy. The objective is to allow you to learn about the marketing strategy of that company. By focusing on just one country, you will be able to go into greater depth anddetail than possible in class or in the texts.Your final paper should persuasively argue and reason half a dozen major points. The final presentation will require your critical insights, analysis, and recommendations for this company: 2. What is your analysis of these issues? 3. Competitive Analysis of this company (SWOT, PESTEL, Porters Five Forces) What, exactly, should the company (case protagonists) do?

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