What are the factors (biological, environmental, economic, and political) that contribute to tobacco addiction?

Tobacco use is the primary cause of mortality in the United States today. Tobacco use is responsible for cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and heart disease and has caused the deaths of nearly half a million people per year. Tobacco control, prevention, and treatment are compelling and urgent public health issues. The development of tobacco control laws have been passed by a number of states. Write a comprehensive overview of the health effects, politics, and regulatory control of tobacco use control efforts. Your paper should be based on the following points: 2.What are the medical consequences (morbidity and mortality) for tobacco users? 3.What is the public health impact (epidemiological and economic) of tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure? 4.How do tobacco control regulations relate to positive and normative economics? 5.How do tobacco control regulations impact individual health care 6.What is the public health policy regarding tobacco control? 7.What is the role of the state and Federal Government in policy making? 8.What is the history of regulatory tobacco control? 9.What is the current state of tobacco control in the United States (states that have passed tobacco control regulations)? 10.What is the evidence that tobacco control is effective?

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