What are the different types of evidence raised by the scientific police officers of the different criminal scenes?

Classification and description of crime scenes With the help of the video Scientific Police Functions , you can see it on YouTube. 1. You must properly classify and describe the crime scenes. In this video we present the different types of evidence: physical, scientific, testimonial and circumstantial evidence at the crime scene. Specific instructions: 1. Watch the video about the crime scene. 2. After observing, classify and describe the types of evidence that apply and are presented in the video. Also, answer the following questions: How many types of evidence do they apply? How should they be described? 3. Use the following guide questions with the purpose of facilitating the process of classification and description of the different types of evidence. Is the evidence raised in the different crime scenes subjected to analysis? What is the purpose? Explain in detail what type of evidence we classify after performing the corresponding analyzes? Describes the tools in which researchers are supported to carry out scientific comparative analyzes. How do you classify the evidence of shoe brands? What is the importance of comparing fingerprint evidence?

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