What all does The Humanities entail?

This is absolutely NOT a research paper!I want this first paper to be entirely in your words, reflecting your own life experiences/observations, and expressing your own understanding of what Humanities is all about! In other words, I want to know what Humanities means (objectively) yes, but more importantly what Humanities means to YOU (subjectively)! In fact, when you submit this paper to Turnitin.com, the website has a specific feature for instructors that allows them to see the exact percentage of words that are not the students words (no, its not plagiarism if credit is given where credit is due); for example, a good research paper in a class may have roughly 32-34% of words belonging to others (cited from others). However, such is NOT THE CASE with this assignment, as that percentage box should read as zero percent for everyone! In other words: this paper is to be entirely from you!So, in no particular order, you will address the following questions and any additional questions you might think of yourself in a well-organized, coherent, cohesive, and thesis-driven essay: 2. Why are Humanities important (or unimportant?) in both academic/college programs and in societies at large? 3. Is Humanities just another word for art? What kind of societies would we have if the Humanities were entirely extracted?

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