welcome to dogmakgol

please watch Welcome to Dongmakgol movie and write about it . Here are some possible topics to use, only choose one or two!):please use simple words.

the purpose/intended message (possibilities: stop war, be peaceful, be a good soldier, etc.)
the intended audience (possibilities: Korean people, Korean and American governments, etc.)
the stance (possibilities: sad [What made the movie sad?], happy/humorous [What about the movie was happy or funny?], peaceful, violent, etc.)
the music (possibilities: Why do you think the director chose to make all of the songs based on the same musical theme?–Is this good or bad?…Also, the various instruments used, speeds or emotions of the music, etc.)
symbols (possibilities: the butterflies [What could they represent, and do they make the film good or bad?], the village lanterns [with the faces], the guns, the airplane(s), etc.)
the characters–Moon Sang-Sang (the medic), Lieutenent Pyo (South side commander), Song Kwa (North side commander), the other two North soldiers; Neil Smith, Yeo-il (the "crazy girl"), the village chief, etc.—-Are these characters believeable? Enjoyable, or annoying? Could any of these characters be symbols themselves?
please please make sure that you show your thesis and write about clearly and write about cinematography.please make your writing .
please read the instructions carefully and follow it . I will not except your writing if you ignore the instructions

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