Water liars

Goal of this paper: 1)Demonstrate understanding of the Elements of Fiction. 2)Ability to analyze texts using elements of fiction. 3)Your understanding that the way a story is constructed (using the elements of fiction) directly impacts how the reader experiences a story. PAPER REQUIREMENTS: LENGTH: 2 FULL PAGES: ONE SOURCE (THE STORY I WILL PROVIDE called Water liars) PROPER MLA IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND WORKS CITED PAGE This is a critical analysis paper, not a response essay. The paper should focus on how the author’s use of the one Element of fiction which is CHARACTER affected the reader’s perception of the story, not whether this affect caused you to like or dislike the story. Professor looking for the following: -A focused thesis that clearly stated the goal(s) of the paper (Aristotle’ statement) and how those goal(s) will be accomplished in the paper (Aristotle’s proof) -A clear understanding of the assignment and its goals, as well as the material itself. Provide specific examples from the story. -Well organized argument with clear evidence. -Solid, confident academic prose -Detailed and accurate use of MLA

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