Walden by Henry Thoreau





Walden by Henry Thoreau

Walden is an exceptional book that attempts to relive the author’s two-year experience of living simple days in a cabin along the Walden Pond. The book is an expression of Henry Thoreau’s philosophy of how man can live a simple life by changing his perspective of life. He gives a vivid account of his two years and two months in Walden. He immersed himself in the wild with a bid to get a more objective outlook of life. The book is a representation of his philosophies of self-sufficiency and simple living. He out rightly explains that he does not desire to die and find that he was not living at all. The philosophies encouraged by Henry Thoreau will help us live for the important things in life. They will ensure that we actually have our eyes on the things that are worth living for.

Thoreau advocates for a life where individuals are self-driven. He questions why individuals should be quick to achieve success that has been defined by society. He argues that an individual can ‘step to the music that he hears’ regardless of how different it may appear from the norm. Teenagers today are socialized to believe that they should not think for themselves but rather fit into what is expected of them. Our core business is the mind. If we are deprived of forming and following our own opinions, we are being denied life. Today the levels of suicide among the youth have increased. A major contributing factor is pressure to pursue a line of career that does not suit the individuals. Many times the parents want to see their unachieved dreams realized in their children. If parents can give the children, the liberty to think for themselves, under supervised environments, the children will be able to unlock a lot of their potential.

Industrial revolution has led to a high growth for many nations’ economy today. Industries have provided employment opportunities for many. On top of this, the industries utilize indigenous resources endowed in their respective states. The benefits of industrialization cannot be disputed. Unfortunately, economic growth of a state is not synonymous to its development. The growth of industries is at times done at the expense of an individual’s development. The myths are that the returns of industrialization will eventually trickle down to the other sectors of the state subsequently causing overall development of a state. The industries many times take advantage of the poor hiring them for cheap labor. Thoreau advocates for an individual focusing on his development. He says that men build their own temples which are their bodies. Alongside industrial revolution, personal development should also be encouraged.

Henry Thoreau said that one must live in the present and propel themselves on every wave of life to realize their eternity in every moment they experience. The words of Henry Thoreau encourage us to cease each moment. He emphasizes on living in the present. Many teenagers at times let their past mistakes to weigh them down. Failed tests, wrong decisions, missed opportunities can at times be detrimental to our success. This will only happen if we give our past consent to blur our present and future. Focusing on the present will enable us to see room to work on our weakness. Ceasing each moment as it comes creates hope that past mistakes will only act as lessons and not hindrances for future success.

Although the viewpoints of Thoreau may seem extreme, they tend to hold the significance. They define that life is not lived until the virtues upheld by individuals are guarded and sought after. Though life is social, an individual should not lose himself in a bid to please others.

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