Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in 2010

Your presentations should help the class identify and understand strategic dilemmas faced in the case, apply relevant course concepts to those dilemmas, evaluate and review various solutions, recommend a course of action and review related learnings.

An important goal of each presentation is to help the class further understand the process of industry analysis, so that they can include that learning within their business plan narratives.

Your presentation should include the following:

Introduction: Overview of your case and the strategic issues you will address.

Body:Review of strategic dilemma(s), alternatives and recommended solutions using relevant course concepts.

Conclusion:Implications and learnings for managers and leaders going forward.
*You should certainly include strategy- and policy-related course concepts.

*The book used in this course is "Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage" 4th Edition. The case is case 1-2

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